Ben Rowe

Rowe began with approximations of props from 1980’s and 90s science fiction film and television. Using MDF, Rowe created mysterious still and silent objects from an unknown time and space or perhaps our dystopian future.

Through his meticulous, labour-intensive process Rowe became inspired by shapes, lines and inter-connections found within the objects he was referencing and making. Interested in the scientific origins of shapes and forms; the fanatical research of cult science fiction has transferred to mathematics and geometry, molecular diagrams, celestial patterns and astronomical theorists such as Kepler. Rowe’s science fiction has become science fact.

Using hand and machine tools, objects are painstakingly crafted from un-painted wood products such as birch plywood and limewood. Rowe stretches the limits of the material through his obsessive making process, choosing to use straight lengths of wood to create curves and circles. Sculptures become complex geometric structures, self-governed by rules of patterns and symmetry. Three-dimensional line drawings, requiring precise angles and intricate polygons. Yet out of this complexity remains a playfulness, a sci-fi aesthetic and a captivating mystery of origin and purpose.

Ben Rowe lives and works in Bristol, UK